Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Project

Intention:  I had a lot of fun creating and printing my final project and deciding on something to actually do.  My mom  gave me an idea to do something for Tammy which is my cousin who has triple negative breast cancer.  I talked it over with a few girls in the class and they said I should make a poster out of the breast cancer ribbon.  I loved the idea and from there ran with it!  My family and I are having a benefit concert for Tammy, so I had plenty of information to place on the poster.  My biggest challenge was cutting the ribbon out, but had a lot of fun designing it and printing it on the large format printer!    

Target Audience:  The community of Altamont

Price Quote:  I had my price quote done with Pitt Craft printing right here in Pittsburg, KS.  I did not realize how much money it would actually cost to have these printed and die-cut and the process it took to have a die-cut done. 
QUANTITY: 1 • 20 • 50 • 70 • 200 • 500
PAPER: 100# Gloss Coated Cover
            SIZE: 18x23’’
            COLOR: 4/0 process bleeds
            ART: Furnished files – Pittcraft to output direct to plate with no changes – Any changes needed could incur an additional charge based on $65.00 per hour
            BINDERY: Die-cut optional
            PACKAGING: Box
            DELIVERY:  FOB Pittsburg
            PRICE:             1 – $50.00
                                    20 – $335.00
                                    50 – $687.00
                                    70 – $724.00
                                    200 –$869.00
                                    500 – $967.00
Above cost is for printing only, cost of new die and die cut would be $405.00 min qty is 500.
Turn time is 7-10 days from proof approval.  

Final printed/die cut piece 

PDF file

Printed Proof

2nd Rough

Rough 1


Monday, November 29, 2010

Publication Ad

I chose to recreate to ads from the Seventeen magazine.  I chose a full page ad and a 1/3 page ad.  The name of my publication is CoverGirl makeup, and my target audience is teenage girls, and the call of action for these ads is to get teenage girls to purchase and wear CoverGirl makeup.  After the on screen critique I made a few changes and had a printed proof of each size made and I was very happy with they way they turned out. 

Full Page Ad- 8.375x10.875 bleed-.125 margin-.25
1/3 Page Ad-2.31x9.75 margin-.25
 Thumbs for 1/3 pg.

1/3 pg. rough  

Full pg. thumbs
Full pg. rough

Full pg. Ad
1/3 pg. Ad

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Direct Mailer

The direct mail piece was a headache to say the least, but in the end I was very happy with the way mine turned out.  When I first started the project from the beginning I misunderstood the directions and was under the assumption that there was to be 10 thumbs and two roughs for two separate mail pieces.  Therefore I created 5 thumbs for a male piece, and 5 thumbs for a female piece.  In the end I chose to do the female direct mailer so that is the one that I will display on my blog.

Target Audience:  females under the age of 40, and females over the age of 40.
Call of Action:  it is important for females to have a mammogram so the direct mailer was for females to call and schedule their mammogram today.


2nd front

1st front

Female Rough

10 Thumbs

Friday, November 12, 2010

Four States Conference Photography-A review, going wild

Dr. Robert C. Wisemen
Eastern Illinois University

In my time here at Pittsburg State University I have taken two photography classes for my degree, and have learned so much.  Although in today’s world film and dark rooms are not the ideal way to produce a picture, Dr. Robert C. Wiseman took the students in his presentation back to the days of film and the dark room.  As for himself he has seen the art of photography change overtime.  All the way from black and white process, to the ages of all digital.  Dr. Wiseman reviewed a lot of basic photography knowledge, and left us with a few goodies also.  He gave us a nice light up pen and a small scratch pad to use.  Some of the terms he reviewed and talked about were f/stop, ISO, and shutter speed.  If someone is wanting to master the art of photography these terms need to be known and come to mind quickly. 
ISO is the international standards organization or the controlled development expose of film, and the sensitivity of film.  With ISO comes the shutter, and shutter speeds.  There are standard shutter speed that can be used depending on the type of picture you are trying to take, and the lighting that is being portrayed.  The shutter is nothing more than a devise designed to prevent light from entering the camera and to select the length of time light enters the camera.  With the shutter comes standard shutter speeds, and they are as follows; 1,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500,1000.  Although the shutter speeds are listed as whole numbers, they are understood to be listed over the number 1.  For example 1/60 would be a standard shutter speed.  Depending on what you set your shutter speed at is what you will set your f/stop at.  The f/stop is the use of different size holes resulting in changing the amount of light that will fall on the film or capture medium. F/stops can be found by using the formula that Dr. Wiseman presented which is focal length divided by diameter.  The standard f/stops are f/1.4, f/2, f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11 and so on.  F/1.4 is said to be the fastest f/stop. 
In conclusion Dr. Wiseman told us some interesting facts, and showed us some very neat photos that he produced in dark rooms by using positive and negative films, and different techniques to get the final product.  He showed us how a homeade pin-hole camera will take a picture just like a modern camera will today.  A pin-hole camera is one with no lens, and you use the same f/stop formula to know what to set the settings at.  He took a picture of the students and showed us that it really would turn out.  Not only did he show us all this he also talked about Polaroid and made the statement that Polaroid was not worried about how good the picture looked but how much film was used by consumers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Newspaper Ad

My newspaper ad is to inform everyone on campus that the flu shot is available at the Student Health Center, and to present your student ID to receive your flu shot.  My ad size is 3.79 inches by 4 inches, and I am running it in the newspaper two times.  The first time the ad is ran is just to let everyone know that flu season is here, and to prevent it by getting the flu shot.  The second time the ad is ran is reminding them to hurry in and get their flu shot.
Target Audience: College students and Faculty
Budget: $100.00
Size: 3.79 inches by 4 inches
Call of Action: to remind students and faculty to get their flu shot
2nd Ad

1st Ad

1st Rough

2nd Rough

10 Thumbs

Brendan Murphy

Although I was not able to attend Brendan Murphy I was able to have a student in the class get the notes for me. I really wanted to be able to attend, but I was not able to fit it into my schedule due to work. After reading the notes I received I was inspired many times by the quotes Brendan Murphy left with students. It is neat to see that Brendan was once a student just like us that had big dreams, and that his dreams took him this far. It really is an honor to be a Pittsburg State University grad knowing that so many professionals have excelled with programs from here. Brendan had a lot of good information that he offered, and his information helped me take a minute to look at things in a little different perspective. Graduation is quickly upon me and it is scary to think about where I will end up at, and if that perfect job will ever open up. After seeing a list of companies that use his services I noticed that Wells Fargo was top on the list. It was amazing to see this, considering I have actually been in contact with Wells Fargo through SIFE about working for their company. Although this was a neat fact to learn, Brendan’s quotes he stated really had an impact on me and inspired me. He stated he didn’t take short cuts, but took the long way around. Sometimes I find myself in such a hurry that I feel like there is never enough time therefore I am always looking for the short cuts. Brendan also stated that anytime there is change, there will be opposition. Sometimes change is looked down upon, but not that I think about what was stated, I look at change as an opportunity! I was not only inspired by Brendan, but learned a lot not only about myself, but about my degree and future career. There are time that I focus so much on so many different logo options, but as he stated no matter 300 or 3,000 logo options, only one is chosen in the end. This is a very true statement and need to quit getting so caught up on so many different options.

Brendan Murphy left students with one last piece of advice and it was to pay attention in school, and this seems like such a duh statement, but it is so true. Without the knowledge you gain from classes taken, it will be very hard to succeed in your career.

Gap Logo Synopsis

 I want to start off my paper by saying in my opinion this new logo is a horrible choice. I pulled the new and old logo up next to each other and neither one of the logos was very appealing to me. Neither one of them say clothing to me or have any type of theme that they match. Although this is the case, with big companies like these after a certain amount of time and recognition companies are easily recognized and associated with their logo. As years go on consumers have a certain logo in their minds and as soon as a logo is seen, that brand automatically comes to mind. When a logo is changed in a huge company like GAP, customers are shocked and it takes them time to get used to recognizing the change. Companies take a huge risk when going to make changes like this, especially a logo change.

When the new logo hit the news, consumer immediately began responding. Responses to the logo change was not good, as not only GAP, but Banana Republic and also Old Navy saw a percentage drop in sales. It did nothing but hurt these stores. As for myself as a consumer I become very loyal to certain brands, and I know if something like this were to take place with a brand I was loyal to, sales for me would drop also. It is said that this logo change was just tossed at consumers with no warning that it was going to happen. Opportunity for companies can come with the change of a logo, but with the way this company did the change was defiantly a hurt and not an opportunity. GAP has quickly found out that with changing the logo they took a huge loss on their company. A lot comes with changing a logo. Not only time, but money. Logos are on anything and everything that is associated with the company, and posted on anything and everything that the mall has to inform consumers. Future sales could rise, but with all the debate, I am afraid sales will only continue to decrease. Consumers are saying that this new logo looks like it was created in an old version of Microsoft Word. I would say I have to agree, that very little thought was put into this before it was released.

On the design side of things, in my opinion a 10 year old kid you make a better design than this. I am glad they went back to their old logo, and if a logo change is in store for the future, maybe a little more though put into it would be best. I would say GAP needs some color. Not only in their logo, but in their stores, and clothes. I have never been a big fan of GAP, and to be honest I feel like when I see their logo I think BLAH, and so therefore I associate that with their clothes. A logo tells it all, and I truly believe that a logo sells the product. For GAP to throw a logo at consumers that has no color, and no dimension to it what so ever is basically a slap in the face for their company. They are just asking for negative feed back. If the logo was actually better designed, then GAP could have possibly had a better response and kept the logo change. I feel that a logo other than a blue block and letters that say GAP would appeal to consumers more. Maybe add two colors and have a different font on the letter would help. I think GAP has a long road ahead on getting their consumers minds back on focus and getting their sales up, but I’m sure eventually things will blow over and consumers will be back to making regular purchases.