Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Project

Intention:  I had a lot of fun creating and printing my final project and deciding on something to actually do.  My mom  gave me an idea to do something for Tammy which is my cousin who has triple negative breast cancer.  I talked it over with a few girls in the class and they said I should make a poster out of the breast cancer ribbon.  I loved the idea and from there ran with it!  My family and I are having a benefit concert for Tammy, so I had plenty of information to place on the poster.  My biggest challenge was cutting the ribbon out, but had a lot of fun designing it and printing it on the large format printer!    

Target Audience:  The community of Altamont

Price Quote:  I had my price quote done with Pitt Craft printing right here in Pittsburg, KS.  I did not realize how much money it would actually cost to have these printed and die-cut and the process it took to have a die-cut done. 
QUANTITY: 1 • 20 • 50 • 70 • 200 • 500
PAPER: 100# Gloss Coated Cover
            SIZE: 18x23’’
            COLOR: 4/0 process bleeds
            ART: Furnished files – Pittcraft to output direct to plate with no changes – Any changes needed could incur an additional charge based on $65.00 per hour
            BINDERY: Die-cut optional
            PACKAGING: Box
            DELIVERY:  FOB Pittsburg
            PRICE:             1 – $50.00
                                    20 – $335.00
                                    50 – $687.00
                                    70 – $724.00
                                    200 –$869.00
                                    500 – $967.00
Above cost is for printing only, cost of new die and die cut would be $405.00 min qty is 500.
Turn time is 7-10 days from proof approval.  

Final printed/die cut piece 

PDF file

Printed Proof

2nd Rough

Rough 1


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